Loikaw is the capital of the Kayah State, which is located in the Karen Hills. You will discover the beautiful Kayah Hill Scenery and a large number of distinctive tribal cultures. Kayah State is most famous for its “long-necked” women, which traditionally wear rings around their necks. Furthermore, besides beautiful nature and interesting culture you are able to visit golden pagodas and monuments.

The main sight of Loikaw is Taung Kwe Pagoda, which lies atop the Thiri Mingala Hill.
The Hill is 387 feet high and has nine peaks on nine broken hills.
You will find white and gold monuments sitting on top of limestone outcrops, which are an amazing and unique sight.
They are interesting and fun to wander around and provide a different experience to other pagodas in Myanmar – as well as offering panoramic views of the distant plains, hills and mountains.
Furthermore, the town located in eastern Myanmar is home to the famous ethnic group Kayan or also called “long-neck” women.
These women wear rings around their necks and also ankles.
The neck rings have been an ancient tradition in the tribe.
Girls first start to wear them around the age of five and over the years the rings are replaced with longer more heavy ones.
The number of rings can range up to 25 rings and it represents beauty in their culture.
The more rings a women wears, the more beautiful she is. The weight of the 25 rings can weigh around 8kg to 10kg.
All in all, the capital of the Kayah State, Loikaw is a low-key, low-rise town on the Pilu River, which shows tourists small-town life in Kayah State and is a great base to visit the surrounding countryside and villages, which are not overrun with tourists.
Come visit Loikaw to see what else this town has to offer.