Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, may have lost its status as the capital of Myanmar in 2005, when it was transferred to Naypyidaw, however, it still remains the country’s first city and a core economic and cultural center. Yangon is located in the southern part of the country and has around 7.5 million inhabitants.

The streets of the city are lined with charming colonial buildings (many of which are being restored) and makes Yangon the city with the highest number of colonial period buildings in South East Asia.

Adding to the impressive skyline are scintillating golden pagodas including the impressive Shwedagon and Sule Pagoda, which are a must see during your trip. Furthermore, despite being the largest city in Myanmar, there are many green areas to relax and observe the local life.

The main parks are Kandawgyi Park, People’s Park and Inya Lake Park, which are scattered throughout the city and are inviting for a nice picnic with views over Inya Lake or Kandawgyi Lake.

Anyone with an interest in local life will feel compelled to stay at least a couple of days in this exotic city, taking in the various sights, exploring markets, wandering along bustling streets and through the commercial districts and communities along the Yangon River. While the city has a distinct heritage, it is also rapidly modernizing with trendy bars and restaurants popping up all over the place.

Come see for yourself and be impressed by the rapidly changing and exciting city:  Yangon !